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Selling Your Business Resumption Plan to the “Top Dogs:” It’s Not as Tough as You Think, Part 2

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If you are a mid-level manager trying to “sell” your disaster recovery plan in the corner executive office, you know it’s tough to make that pitch. In Part 2 of his three-part series, Leo Wrobel shows you how to brief your executives, schedule presentations, and devise workaround plans and procedures, and much more.
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In the last article, we made the statement that it is not as difficult to get support and funding for a Business Resumption Plan if one employs the “tricks of the trade” used by high-priced consultants to get the executive’s attention and communicate with them in terms they understand. We continue with the details and techniques in Part 2 of this series.

Getting Executive Commitment: How Not to Brief Your Executives

It is a well-known fact that the human attention span is about 90 seconds. In a meeting, if a person does not say something meaningful to the audience in that timeframe, eyes and thoughts start to wander. With executives, this span shortens to about 15 seconds as they have an advantage. They can count on someone else to listen to whatever it was you had to say. If what you present is garbled with unfocused data or confusing technical terms, then you will have lost the value of your presentation because the executive will tune you out.

This brings us to another problem in such a forum. When asking "permission to plan," there are really only three answers from the executive that are possible:

    A. YES B. NO C. Let's STUDY this some more

Now which do you suppose is the answer most often given? And why do recovery plans take ten years to complete? It's always option “C” because technical people are not always so good at presenting their needs to management. Sure, technical service persons know exactly what they need, but they go about asking for it all wrong.

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