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Installing Edubuntu as an Add-on

This section covers installing the Edubuntu add-on in a non-LTSP environment. This type of installation is not only the easiest, but is recommended for typical usage. Later in this chapter, installing the Edubuntu add-on in an LTSP environment is covered.

To utilize the Edubuntu add-on CD for installation, you must have previously installed Ubuntu 9.04. Currently, the add-on CD only works with the Ubuntu desktop. Once Ubuntu has been installed, simply insert the add-on CD into your CD-ROM drive. You will be prompted with a pop-up dialog, letting you know that the add-on volume has been detected and asking if you would like to view or install the content. To view the content, press the Start package manager button, or to install, press the Start add-on installer.

After you press the button for installation, the Add/Remove Applications window will open, allowing you to select what you would like to install. You can install separate applications or the entire Edubuntu desktop. Select the applications you would like to install by placing a check mark inside the boxes for each application, and then press the Apply Changes button.

If you have the Kubuntu or Xubuntu desktop, you can still install the Edubuntu desktop and applications. However, you cannot do so at this time from the add-on CD. The following instructions for installing via the Internet also apply to those of you with the Ubuntu desktop. All you need to do is open your desktop’s package management application (Kubuntu uses KPackageKit, whereas Ubuntu and Xubuntu use Synaptic) and install the available educational packages. Alternatively, you can install the edubuntu-desktop package, which provides the entire Edubuntu experience for the GNOME desktop, or the edubuntu-desktop-kde package, which provides the same as the edubuntu-desktop package but with full KDE support. It is highly recommended to have a broadband Internet connection for doing this type of install.

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