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Network Information

For Windows information, we found that System properties, MSInfo32, Belarc Advisor, and SiSoftware Sandra Lite were useful. Here’s what they found and how to view this information.

Finding Network Information with System Properties

Information available: network name

Windows XP

To see the network name, click the Computer Name tab in System properties.

Windows Vista, Windows 7

To see the network name, scroll down the the main pane of the System properties sheet.

Finding Network Information with Sysinfo32

Information available: IP address, network adapter and physical address

To see the computer’s IP address and physical address (MAC address), open the Hardware Resources category, Network subcategory, and click Adapter. Scroll down past the various WAN Miniport logical entries to the entry for a physical network adapter (or adapters, if you have a system with two RJ-45 Ethernet ports or an Ethernet port and a wireless Ethernet/Wi-Fi adapter).

Finding Network Information with Belarc Advisor

Information available: IP address, physical address, network name

Belarc Advisor lists all network information in its Network Map section. Check the Windows version Workstation entry for the IP address and the Device Details (which lists the network name). Hover your mouse over the IP address for the workstation to see its physical (MAC) address.

Finding Network Information with SiSoftware Sandra

Information available: network name

SiSoftware Sandra Lite lists the workgroup name in the Hardware category, Computer parameter. To find out IP address and physical address information with SiSoftware Sandra, you must upgrade to a commercial version; see the SiSoftware Zone website for more information.

Best Choice for Network Information

Of the programs covered in this article, Belarc Advisor was the only one to display all three items in the Network Information category. Sysinfo32 displayed two of three, while SiSoftware Sandra Lite and System properties displayed only the network name.

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