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Advanced Uses for Ubuntu One

Advanced Uses for Ubuntu One

Create a custom web page. It wouldn't be designed for handling high traffic, but you can create a useful start page for your web browser, or a convenient page to monitor specific bits of information. Create an HTML file (perhaps one filled with your favorite RSS feeds) and upload it. Then publish the file as described earlier, and get the custom URL. Set that URL as your browser's home page, or create a bookmark for it so that you can use it whenever you like.

Sync your preferences or custom application settings with Ubuntu One. Start by finding the configuration folder in your /home directory. Then just right-click it and select Synchronize on Ubuntu One from the context menu.

Store a git repository. If you have a local git repository contained in one folder, such as this one:

/home/username/Ubuntu\ One/git

you can sync that folder to Ubuntu One and back up your entire repository.

You can also do this with a Bazaar (bzr) repo. Here are the basic steps for doing it with git.

Say you already have a git repo in use at /home/username/myprogram. Here's how you would clone that project:

  1. Start by making a git subdirectory in your Ubuntu One directory:
  2. mkdir ~/Ubuntu\ One/.git/
  3. Go to the location of your current git repo and clone it:
  4. cd ~/myprogram
    git clone bare . ~/Ubuntu\ One/git

    This step created a bare repository called .git in the Ubuntu One directory. The project files are not yet included, but the files needed for versioning are included.

  5. Now we add the remote location:
  6. git remote add myprogram ~/Ubuntu\ One/git

    That's it. When you push changes to the repository, it should also publish those changes to Ubuntu One.

  7. Say you commit a change and want to make sure that it's pushed to the Ubuntu One server. Here's what you do.
  8. git commit -a -m "witty or useful comment here"
    git push myprogram master

    A lot more can be done with this, but I'll leave it to you to experiment and discover. This should be enough to get anyone started who would find it useful.

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