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In this chapter we have examined Visual Studio's support for SharePoint development. We have seen the SharePoint projects you can create in Visual Studio and all the project item types you can create. We have created a simple Visual Studio project with an event receiver and learned the basic structure of a Visual Studio SharePoint project in which there are SharePoint project item folders for each SharePoint project item you create that contain a code file (EventReceiver1.cs, in our example) and an Elements.xml file. We have explored the properties that are associated with SharePoint project items and their associated files. We have also seen how features and packages work in Visual Studio and examined the Feature and Package designers as well as the .WSP file created by Visual Studio. Finally, we have seen how deployment and debug work in the Visual Studio environment.

In the next chapter we will give an overview of the SharePoint object model because you will need to be familiar with the SharePoint object model to write useful SharePoint solutions.

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