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Posting Videos

How about posting videos? Currently, your options are a little limited. You can post videos that are hosted on YouTube, or you can post a link to a video you yourself have placed in a website online.

People who post videos in Buzz usually either post existing YouTube videos, or have a YouTube account and post their own videos on Buzz, hosting them on YouTube.

To post a YouTube video on Buzz, follow these steps:

  1. Click the top text box in the Buzz window. (This text box has the caption "Share what you're thinking. Post a picture, video, or other link here.")
  2. Enter the text of your post.
  3. Go to the YouTube page for the video you want to post to Buzz and copy the URL from the URL box in the YouTube page (for example, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yQ2xqCE2E8).
  4. Paste the URL of the video into your Buzz post. Buzz displays a thumbnail of the video, as you can see in Figure 5.12.
    Figure 5.12

    Figure 5.12 Posting a YouTube video.

  5. Click the Post button to post your message. The video appears as a thumbnail in your post, as shown in Figure 5.12.

Clicking the video expands it to its original YouTube size and plays it in the Buzz (not YouTube) page.

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