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Choosing a New Theme

Choosing a new Tumblr theme is easy, from a mechanical point of view. The difficult part is choosing from among the hundreds of available themes and deciding whether to take an existing theme as is, or add your own tweaks to it.

Follow these steps to choose a new theme for your tumblog:

  1. In the Customize area, click the Theme menu.

    A selection of about 40 themes displays, as shown in Figure 5.5. You can choose one directly. Simple themes, such as the Easy Reader theme in Figure 5.5, are the easiest to customize, but you might not know where to make changes to liven it up. A theme that's close to what you want, but that has the wrong picture or color scheme, might be easy to modify.

    Figure 5.5

    Figure 5.5 Tumblr's Theme menu includes a few dozen themes.

  2. Choose a theme from the ones available, or scroll to the bottom and click the Browse More Themes button.

    If you click Browse More Themes, the Theme Garden displays, as shown in Figure 5.6.

    Figure 5.6

    Figure 5.6 The Theme Garden includes hundreds more themes.

  3. To examine the Theme Garden, click the Featured, Recent, and Popular tabs.

    Each theme shows how many people are using it from among Tumblr's millions of users.

  4. Click a theme from directly under the Theme menu, or in the Theme Garden, to choose it.

    A list of additional themes from the same theme creator, if any, displays.

  5. To preview the theme with your content, click Preview (I recommend previewing before making a selection).

    See how the theme looks with your content.

  6. To put the theme into effect, click Install Theme.

Your tumblog now uses the selected theme.

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