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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Performing One Time Calculations

Sometimes you may want to perform simple calculations, such as dividing each value in a range by 4, without having to take the time to use a formula. You can use the Paste Special command to perform simple mathematical operations, such as Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide. If you want to perform a more complex function, you can create a temporary formula to accomplish a one-time task. For example, if you want to display a list of names in proper case with only the first letter of each name in uppercase, you can use the Proper function.

Perform One Time Simple Calculations without Using a Formula

  • lightyellow_01.jpg Select an empty cell, and then enter the number you want to use in a calculation.
  • lightyellow_02.jpg Click the Home tab.
  • lightyellow_03.jpg Click the Copy button.
  • lightyellow_04.jpg Select the range you want to use in the calculation.
  • lightyellow_05.jpg Click the Paste button arrow, and then click Paste Special.
  • lightyellow_06.jpg Click the operation option you want to use: Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide.
  • lightyellow_07.jpg Click OK.
  • lightyellow_08.jpg Press Esc to cancel Copy mode.

    The operation is applied to the contents of each cell in the range. The formula in each cell is changed to include the new operation.

Perform One Time Calculations Using a Formula

  • lightyellow_01.jpg Create a temporary formula in an unused cell, typically a column out of the way. Select an empty cell at the top, type = (equal sign), and then type a function, such as Proper().
  • lightyellow_02.jpg Click the Home tab.
  • lightyellow_03.jpg If you want to change a range of data, use the fill down handle to copy the formula to unused cells.
  • lightyellow_04.jpg Select the cell or range with the formula.
  • lightyellow_05.jpg Click the Copy button.
  • lightyellow_06.jpg Select the cell you want to change the contents with the formula.
  • lightyellow_07.jpg Click the Paste button arrow, and then click Paste Special.
  • lightyellow_08.jpg Click the Values option.
  • lightyellow_09.jpg Click OK.

    The original data is replaced with the changed data.

  • lightyellow_10.jpg When you’re done with the temporary formulas, select the cells, and delete them.
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