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Create an Idea Team

How do you find the right people for your innovation team? It's tempting to invite cohorts, but you're in the business of taking risk now.

  1. Focus on attracting people from across disciplines and product groups—someone from sales, marketing, purchasing, engineering, and so on. The goal is a functional swath of the company's service offering.
  2. Present a few ideas or problems to gauge interest. Keep in mind that the people who are best at vetting and iterating on ideas are the ones who don't file away those ideas for later. Instead, they figure out how and why an idea works, play and experiment with possible uses and scenarios, read and research what others have done, and daydream about new avenues and applications.
  3. When talking to potential teammates, watch the person's reaction. If he or she is immediately engaged and thinking about your tester ideas, you have a winner.
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