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Add bookmarks to the video

A bookmark indicates when something will happen during the video playback. In our case, we want text to appear and disappear on command, but the action could be almost anything: an arrow that points out something in the video, a thought-bubble above one of the actors, instructional diagrams that appear on top of the video, a buzzer that sounds, etc.

To add bookmarks to a video, follow these steps:

  1. Position your cursor in the media control
  2. You can press the Play/Pause button or click inside the media control area, then use the Move Forward and Move Back buttons to fine-tune your position

  3. Once the cursor is positioned, click the Add Bookmark button on the Video Tools Playback tab of the Ribbon
  4. A yellow dot will appear on the video timeline to indicate the bookmark location, as shown in Figure 1

  5. Repeat to add more bookmarks

You can add as many bookmarks as you’d like, but you cannot reposition bookmarks once you’ve added them.

For our example, add one bookmark near the beginning of the file, then two more near the middle of the file, around 9:38 and 9:67 seconds.

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