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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating Buttons

You can build interactive buttons to perform an action using the Buttons panel. For example, you can create a button to navigate within a dynamic document, launch a movie, play a sound, or open a Web page. You can create a custom button from a selected object in an InDesign document or select a button from the built-in Samples button library. The sample buttons include effects, such as adding gradient feathers and drop shadows. There are also assigned actions. For example, the arrow buttons are assigned the Go To Next Page or Go To Previous Page action.

Create a Button from a Sample

  • blue1-circle.jpg Select the Buttons panel.
    • Click the Window menu, point to Interactive, and then click Buttons.
  • blue2-circle.jpg Click the Options menu, and then click Sample Buttons.

    The Sample Buttons panel appears.

  • blue3-circle.jpg Drag a button from the Sample Buttons panel to the document.
  • blue4-circle.jpg Click the Close button on the Sample Buttons panel.
  • blue5-circle.jpg Select the button using the Selection tool on the Tools panel.
    • You can drag a resize handle to change the size of the button, and then move it to where you want.
  • blue6-circle.jpg Enter a name and make changes to the button settings in the Buttons panel.

Convert an Object to a Button

  • blue1-circle.jpg Create and select an object that you want to convert to a button.
  • blue2-circle.jpg Select the Buttons panel.
    • Click the Window menu, point to Interactive, and then click Buttons.
  • blue3-circle.jpg Click the Convert Object to Button button on the panel.
  • blue4-circle.jpg Type a name for the button.
  • blue5-circle.jpg Click the Event list arrow, and then select an event type.
    • The options include On Release, On Click, On Roll Over, On Roll Off, On Focus, and On Blur.
  • blue6-circle.jpg Click the Add New Action button, and then select an action to perform for the button.
    • The options include Close, Exit, Go To First Page, Go To URL, Movie, Sound, and Open File, among others.
  • blue7-circle.jpg Specify the various options for the selected action type (options vary).
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