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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with Perspective Objects

The Perspective Selection tool (New!) allows you to select, move, scale, copy, and transform objects in perspective. You can also add normal objects, text, and symbols to the perspective grid. When you move or change a normal object to the perspective grid, its appearance and scale change to adhere to the grid. You can select perspective objects in the grid with the Perspective Selection tool by clicking individual objects or dragging a selection marquee, just like normal objects.

Modify Perspective Objects

  • yellow-circle01.jpg Click the View menu, point to Perspective Grid, and then click Show Grid.
  • yellow-circle02.jpg Click the Perspective Selection tool on the Tools panel.
  • yellow-circle03.jpg To work with perspective objects on the grid, do any of the following:
    • Move Perspective Objects. Select the object, and then drag it to another position or use the Arrow keys. Press tilde (~) to constrain the move to parallel.

    • Move or Copy Perspective Objects and Grid Plane. Double-click a grid plane control, click the Move All Objects or Copy All Objects option, click OK, and then drag the grid plane control.

    • Copy Perspective Objects. Select the object, and then Option+drag (Mac) or Alt+drag (Win) it to another position.

    • Resize Perspective Objects. Select the object, and then drag a resize handle.

    • Add Normal Objects. Select the active plane, and then drag the normal object to the plane.

    • Add Text and Symbols. Select an existing normal text or symbol, and then drag it on the active plane. To modify the text and symbols, use the Edit Text, Edit Perspective, and Isolate Selected Object buttons on the Control panel.

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