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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Entering HTML Code

You can enter HTML code in Code view like you are typing text into a word processor. However, when you type HTML code, it uses a specific structure and layout. As you type, the Code Hints popup menu appears to help you enter correct HTML code tag names, attributes, and values as you type code in Code view or the Quick Tag Editor. For example, when a tag requires the selection of a color, Dreamweaver displays a color palette. When a font is required, a font list is automatically displayed, and when a file is required a browse button magically appears allowing you to select and insert the file. If a page does contain invalid code, it appears in Design view and optionally highlights in Code view. When you select the invalid code, the Properties panel displays information as to why the code is invalid and steps to fix it.

Enter HTML in Code View

  • green-circle-1.jpg Open the Web page you want to view code.
  • green-circle-2.jpg Switch to the Code view.
  • green-circle-3.jpg Click to the right of a tag and press Enter to create a space between the opening and closing body tag.
  • green-circle-4.jpg Enter the HTML code you want on the new line.
    • Code Hints. When you type the left brace “<” the Code Hints popup menu appears, listing all possible HTML codes. Begin entering in the code name, and Code Hints will display the correct code. Double-click it or select it and press Enter (Win) or Return (Mac) to add the tag.

  • green-circle-5.jpg To indent the selected code, press Tab; to outdent the selected code, press Shift+Tab.
  • green-circle-6.jpg To add a closing tag, type a left brace and forward slash “</”, and Dreamweaver will automatically insert the correct closing tag.
  • green-circle-7.jpg To remove a tag, right-click in the tag, and then click Remove Tag.
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