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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Setting Code View Options

You can select Code view options to change the way code appears in Code view. When you select the Code View Options command on the View menu or use individual buttons on the Code toolbar, you can set options to set word wrapping, display line numbers, hide characters, highlight invalid code, color code, indent code automatically, and display syntax error alerts in the Info bar.

Use Code View Options

  • green-circle-1.jpg Open the Web page you want to view code.
  • green-circle-2.jpg Switch to the Code view.
  • green-circle-3.jpg Click the View menu, point to Code View Options, and then select from the following options:
    • Word Wrap. Forces the HTML code to wrap, based on the width of the Code view window.

    • Line Numbers. Displays line numbers to the left of the HTML code.

    • Hidden Characters. Displays hidden code elements, such as tabs and character returns.

    • Highlight Invalid Code. Highlights any code that Dreamweaver considers incorrect.

    • Syntax Coloring. Colorizes the HTML code, to visibly separate it from the text.

    • Auto Indent. Automatically indents the HTML code to aid in readability.

    • Syntax Error Alerts in Info Bar. Displays syntax code error alerts in the Info bar.

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