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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the Tag Inspector

Dreamweaver’s Tag Inspector gives you control over your code by displaying a collapsible outline of the tags used on the current page. This feature allow you to quickly determine if tags are correctly nested, and to view and change tag attributes. For example, you may want to change the attributes of the <body> tag, or change the overall color and size of the default font; both these and many more options are available using the Tag Inspector. When selected, the Tag Inspector displays a collapsible structure of all the attributes within the selected Web element. This view gives you an overall view of the code and how it’s laid out. When you select a tag, all the attributes for that tag are displayed for you to view and edit.

Access the Tag Inspector

  • green-circle-1.jpg Open the Web page you want to view in the Tag Inspector.
  • green-circle-2.jpg Make a selection using one of the following methods:
    • Code View. Select a specific HTML tag or section of text.

    • Split View. Select a HTML tag in the Code pane or select an object in the Design pane.

    • Design View. Select an object in the window, or create a selection of text.

  • green-circle-3.jpg Click the Window menu, and then click Tag Inspector to display the Tag Inspector.
  • green-circle-4.jpg Select from the following views:
    • Category View. Displays a list of general categories within collapsible headings. Click the plus (+) or minus (-) sign icon to display all available attributes.

    • List View. Displays a list of all available attributes for the selected Web element.

  • green-circle-5.jpg Select the attribute that you want to add or modify, and enter the correct value in the input field.
  • green-circle-6.jpg Press the Enter key to record your changes.
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