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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Saving Custom Shape Sets

Creating customized sets of shapes is an excellent way to get organized. The next time you need a specific shape all you have to do is select the shape from your organized sets. Organization can save you time, but it also lends a sense of consistency to designs. Using the same customized shapes repeatedly helps to tie the elements of a design together, and Photoshop gives you the perfect way to maintain that consistency with customized shape sets.

Save Custom Shape Sets

  • blue-circle1.jpg Select the Custom Shape tool on the toolbox.
  • blue-circle2.jpg Click the Shape list arrow to see a list of the current shapes.
  • blue-circle3.jpg Create new shapes, and then add them to the current list.
  • blue-circle4.jpg To add preexisting shapes, click the Options button, and then click Load Shapes, or choose from the available predefined shape lists.
  • blue-circle5.jpg Click the Options button, and then click Save Shapes.
  • blue-circle6.jpg Enter a descriptive name for the new set in the File Name (Win) or the Save As (Mac) box.
  • blue-circle7.jpg Click the Save In (Win) list arrow or Where (Mac) popup, and then select a location to save the new set.
  • blue-circle8.jpg Click Save.
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