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Simultaneous Career Acts, Stimulating Options

As a work psychologist and a career counselor, I am well aware that having a satisfying career takes some serious, planned, and purposeful work on your part. Especially during these difficult economic times, giving advice on building and managing careers is rather sobering.

Life is complex, but thinking of your various income-generating activities as career acts can lead to an exciting, balanced, and fulfilling career, and one with a safety net or two. I have many rapidly shifting career acts myself, but this isn't about me; this approach is all about you and finding what fits best in your life for your talents.

Professional and financial freedom has never been as critical as it is today in 2010. As I write this, the unemployment rate in the United States is about 10%. Even during a period of lower unemployment, however, having a multiple-career-act life will enable you to obtain greater fulfillment from work given that the sources of this fulfillment are spread throughout your multiple career acts.

I do not advocate working longer hours or toiling in multiple jobs. Multiple dull career acts would still result in a dull (and more stressful) life. I also do not advocate running yourself ragged trying to do multiple jobs (even if they are engaging). I advocate finding multiple income-creating activities that you sincerely enjoy, that fit with your life in a fulfilling, balanced way, and that offer you financial freedom because you are not relying on any one employment setting.

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