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Installing and Using Palm's WebOS SDK

Palm also provides an SDK for the popular WebOS that's on the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. In addition to an emulator (see Figure 3 for an example), it provides many other tools for developers. This even includes a radio simulator to perform real tests using simulated radio events.

Before installing the SDK, you must verify that you have Java installed. First, open a Command Prompt. In Vista or Win 7, click Start, type cmd, and hit Enter. In Windows XP, click Start, select Run, type cmd, and hit Enter.

Then at the prompt, type java –version and hit Enter. If Java is installed, it will return the version information. If it doesn't, you must download the latest Java version.

Because the SDK is designed as a VirtualBox machine, you must download this virtualization program from Sun Microsystems, particularly the 3.0.10 version. Then run the setup file and install it.

Now you can download the SDK. Then make sure VirtualBox is closed and run the WebOS SDK installer. When you want to play around with WebOS, click Start > All Programs > Palm > SDK > Palm Emulator.

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