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Putting It All Together

APF is a bold step forward in project-management approaches. To be successful requires that you reach inside yourself and summon up all the creative juices and outside-the-box thinking that you possibly can. APF requires the same from the client. APF is not for the faint of heart. It requires seeing the project as the unique entity that it is and drawing upon a vetted collection of tools, templates, and processes to craft the best-fit management approach for your project. There is no silver bullet, so don't expect one. There is no recipe, so don't look for one. But take solace in the fact that you are about to become a chef and not just a cook! If you apply what I have to offer, you will be prepared to effectively manage any project, no matter how complex and uncertain it might be. I've been there and done that many times, and I know that what I am advocating here works all the time!

In this book, I prepare you for an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career.

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