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Why I Wrote This Book

Project failure rates upwards of 65 percent (the most recently reported statistic4) are just unacceptable. This is not a new problem, but little seems to be happening to improve the likelihood of project success. Project managers continue to force-fit new project situations into old project-management approaches. What a waste of time and resources! A few years ago, I did some serious retrospective thinking about project failure, and asked myself what could be done. Quite by accident, I had two separate but concurrent client engagements that were good examples of the problem situation where the solutions were only partially defined. I knew a TPM approach would not work. I used those two engagements as the impetus for designing an approach to project management that accommodated the fast-paced, high-change business environment we were living in and would embrace convergence toward the solution using an iterative approach. The result became known as APF. APF is in the APM category of approaches.

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