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From the author of Configuring Multiple Monitor Step by Step

Configuring Multiple Monitor Step by Step

  1. Connect an additional monitor to one of the extra video ports on the computer. Newer video cards have a DVI port (see Figure 1). But you can still connect older SVGA monitors; just use a DVI to VGA adapter. (These are included with many of today’s video cards.) In some cases, though not recommended, separate video cards with DVI and SVGA ports can both be used within a Multiple Monitor configuration. An example of a SVGA port is shown in Figure 2.
  2. Figure 1 Example of DVI ports

    Figure 2 Example of an SVGA port

  3. Turn on the secondary monitor. The monitor’s LED will continue to light up as amber and will not show as green until the monitor is configured in Windows.
  4. Open the Display Settings window in Vista. Right-click the desktop and select Personalize. Then select Display Settings. This opens the Display Settings window.
  5. Verify that the Multiple Monitor feature is active. Click on the Display drop-down menu. Multiple Monitors should be listed. If it is not listed, the video card (or cards) might not support Multiple Monitor, or a driver upgrade might be necessary. Check your video card documentation to find out if it supports Multiple Monitor.
  6. Extend the desktop. Select the monitor with the number 2, either in the display or in the drop-down menu, and check Extend My Windows Desktop on to This Monitor. By using the Identify button and dragging the monitors around in the display window, you can arrange your monitors so that they match their physical position.
  7. Confirm your selections. Click Apply. The mouse should extend all the way across both monitors now. Verify that the secondary monitor is functional by dragging a window to that display. If all is good, click OK to close the Display Settings/Display Properties window.
  8. Add more monitors! Repeat steps 1–6 for additional monitors beyond the second. Up to 10 can be used with the Multiple Monitor feature.
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