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Had Enough?

There are a lot more technical details that can be covered about Domino architecture and Domino code development. My intent here is to highlight what I see as some of the key benefits of the Domino platform.

These benefits make Domino a very cost-effective, secure environment for you to consider when evaluating the platform in which to put your applications

If you have a Domino Server network in place, are you taking full advantage of it? If you're just using it for email, please be aware that you can be getting a lot more out of your investment by understanding the extraordinary variety of uses that Domino can provide to your enterprise.

I hope that I've done a good job of showing you the enormous flexibility and power that Domino can provide. I hope that after reading this article you will have a much greater appreciation for the amazing things that you can do with the platform. Domino is not dead, no way, no how.

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