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From the author of dml_start


One of the difficult aspects of the debuggers is to remember all the different commands available and how to properly invoke them. With the introduction of DML and the dml_start command, this has now become a lot easier. The dml_start command acts as a starting page for the various debugger commands. Figure 3 shows an example of executing the dml_start command.

Figure 3 Example of the dml_start command

In this example, we used the dml_start command to get to the starting point, and subsequently clicked on the Browse process information link, which resulted in the current process being output. Clicking on the process allowed us to further drill into the process itself by listing all the threads present. Lastly, we clicked on the first thread to get the detailed call stack of the thread. As you can see, navigating the hierarchy of a debug session has been made much simpler by using the dml_start command.

Another feature of the dml_start command is that it can take a file name as input, in which case the command uses the DML content in the file.

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