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Smith Incorporated is a company that sells manufacturing products to auto body shops around the world. On a regular basis, the marketing department at Smith Incorporated purchases lists of Leads that include all the new auto body shops in the United States. The lists that it purchases are downloaded and are in the format of a text file. The marketing department takes the list, opens it in Microsoft Excel, and adds a column labeled Source. It populates the Source column with the name of the list it purchased. The department also deletes one or two columns of the spreadsheet that contain data that it can immediately see is not of interest. When it finishes the review, the department saves the file as a CSV file and imports it into the Leads entity (record type) pool of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

After the Leads are imported, they are assigned to specific salespeople within Smith Incorporated based on zip code. The salespeople schedule activities and start making their calls, prioritizing the calls based on the rate associated with the Lead. When a call is completed, they complete the phone call Activity and either schedule another call or convert the Lead based on a conversation. When a Lead is qualified through a phone call and a positive conversation with a Contact, the Lead is converted to an Account, Contact, and Opportunity. If the Lead is disqualified through a conversation, the Lead is run through the convert function, and it is closed as disqualified.

New Opportunities that are created kick off an automatic sales process, starting at sales stage one. Sales stage one has five associated Activities with it, including update estimated close date, probability percentage and rating, follow up with prospect by sending requested initial sales material, and confirm that the Lead received and reviewed the information and is ready for an appointment. The goal of sales stage one is to start the sales process and further qualify the Lead. Sales stage two includes activities associated with meeting the prospect face to face.

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