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Further Exploration

Before moving on to subsequent hours, you may want to learn more about how Apple has implemented the MVC design versus other development environments that you may have used. An excellent document, titled "Cocoa Design Patterns," provides an in-depth discussion of MVC as applied to Cocoa. You can find and read this introduction by searching for the title in the Xcode documentation system, which we discussed in Hour 4, "Inside Cocoa Touch."

You may also want to take a breather and use the finished HelloNoun application as a playground for experimentation. We discussed only a few of the different Interface Builder attributes that can be set for labels, but there are dozens more that can customize the way that fields and buttons are displayed. The flexibility of the view creation in Interface Builder goes well beyond what can fit in one book, so exploration will be necessary to take full advantage of the tools. This is an excellent opportunity to play around in the tools and see the results—before we move into more complex (and easy to break!) applications.

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