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From the author of Preparing for the Mobile Workforce Trend

Preparing for the Mobile Workforce Trend

According to the most recent IDC Worldwide Mobile Worker Population Forecast, close to 75% of the U.S. workforce will be mobile by the end of 2011. This increase is due to the fact that organizations have multiple locations, office space is costly, and workers are seeking companies that offer flexible work environments. Such flexible work environments can improve productivity; some studies suggest a 40% increase in productivity for teleworkers. This improvement is due in large part to savings in commute time, fewer interruptions and distractions, and more concentrated work time.

Companies need to prepare for this mobile workforce trend by eliminating the paper barrier and increasing accessibility with electronic data management systems. It's difficult for a worker to be mobile while lugging filing cabinets from one space to another. The volume of paper is usually the biggest obstacle and challenge for most remote workers. Encouraging a paperless office creates easy access for remote and teleworkers to come and go from the office.

It's also important from a team collaboration viewpoint. Work teams are constantly formed between various departments and divisions, often located in multiple offices around the U.S. or worldwide. As an office becomes more paperless, managing data within project teams becomes much easier.

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