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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Smart Group

You create smart groups in the Address Book, but your Mac maintains them. After you determine the criteria for a contact’s inclusion in a smart group, the Mac makes sure that the right contacts are sorted into that group at all times, even after you’ve changed contact information or added new contacts.

  • circle-01.jpg Choose File, New Smart Group.
  • circle-02.jpg Type a name for the group.
  • circle-03.jpg Choose criteria for the group’s members.
  • circle-04.jpg Click + to add criteria.

  • circle-05.jpg Click the box labeled Highlight group when updated to have Address Book highlight the group’s name when it contains new members.
  • circle-06.jpg Click OK to create the group.
  • circle-07.jpg Click the group’s name to see its members in the Name column.
  • circle-08.jpg Control-click the group’s name to email its members or export their contact data.
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