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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Publishing an iCal Calendar

What can you publish? Well, you can choose to share your home or work calendar with your family or colleagues. Or you might decide to be the keeper of the birthdays among your friends and publish a calendar showing everyone’s special days. You can use your MobileMe account or a free web service to publish calendars, as you prefer.

  • circle-01.jpg Click the calendar you want to publish.
  • circle-02.jpg Choose Calendar, Publish.
  • circle-03.jpg Type a name for the published calendar.
  • circle-04.jpg Click the check boxes to publish changes automatically and to publish both the title and notes for an event (rather than just its title).

  • circle-05.jpg Click the check boxes to publish alarms and to-do items.
  • circle-06.jpg Choose an option from the Publish on pop-up menu for where you’re publishing the calendar: using MobileMe or using an independent server.
  • circle-07.jpg If you’re using an independent server, enter its URL and your login name and password.
  • circle-08.jpg Click Publish.
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