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Easy Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Organizing Your Life

Kate Binder explains how to use Address Book, iCal, and iSync.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Mac OS X includes several programs that work together to keep you organized: Address Book, iCal, and iSync. Address Book is a contact manager where you can store your friends’, family members’, and colleagues’ names, addresses, and phone numbers along with their instant messaging IDs, websites, email addresses, and more. iCal keeps track of your appointments and a to-do list, and it can both publish and subscribe to online calendars so you can share them with others. And iSync makes sure that all the data in Address Book and iCal is available to your PDA, phone, or other device so you’re never without it.

In this chapter you’ll learn how to create and organize contacts in Address Book and how to use the program to view a map of a contact’s address. iCal Tasks show how to create appointments and to-do lists and how to invite Address Book contacts to events; how to search calendars; and how to publish, subscribe to, and print calendars. Finally, you’ll learn how to use iSync to keep all your information straight across devices, and how to turn email messages into items on your to-do list.

Working with Contacts and Schedules

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