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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Playing Chess

CHECKMATE, oh how I love to hear those words, or at least when I’m the one saying them. Computers aren’t just for business proposals, worksheets, and documents. We all know that there are thousands of games available for computer systems, but one of the most challenging games in the world is available as soon as you load Mac OS X. Chess is available in the Applications folder and ready for you to play on your own screen. Chess gives you more options, and even makes it quite a challenge to those who have moved beyond the beginner stage.

Play Chess

  • green1.jpg Click the Applications folder in the Dock, and then click the Chess icon.
  • green2.jpg Click and drag a piece. For example, the white Knight at G1 to F3.
  • green3.jpg Black responds with a move.
  • green4.jpg Click the Moves menu, and then click Take Back Move, Show Hint, or Show Last Move.
  • green5.jpg Click the Chess menu, and then click Preferences. Select from the following options:
    • Click the Board pop-up to select a new playing surface.
    • Click the Pieces pop-up to select different playing pieces.
    • Select the check boxes for Speech to use voice recognition to call your moves.
    • Drag the Computer Plays slider to increase or decrease the computer’s playing skills.
    • Select the Show Move in Title check box to display the current move in the Title bar.
  • green6.jpg Click the Close button.
  • green7.jpg Click the Game menu, and then select a game option, such as New Game or Save Game.
  • green8.jpg Quit Chess.
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