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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Switching Between Applications

The Dock is initially located at the bottom of the desktop and is most often used to launch an application or switch from one application to another. When you launch an application, its icon appears in the Dock with a black arrow below it. If an application is not available in the Dock, you can hide any open applications to display the desktop, open your hard disk, and then launch the application you want. If you arrange open application windows so that they are visible, you can switch among them simply by clicking in the window in which you want to work.

Hide and Show an Application

  • green1.jpg Click the application menu.

    In this case, the Chess menu.

  • green2.jpg Click Hide application name to hide the application.
  • green3.jpg Point to the bottom of the screen to display the Dock. You’ll see the hidden application in the Dock.
  • green4.jpg To show the application, click the application icon in the Dock.

Hide Other Applications

Switch Between Applications

Mac OS X provides several ways to switch between applications:

  • Click a visible window in the other application.
  • Display the Dock, and then click an application icon to show (black triangle below icon) or launch the application.
  • Press and hold down command.jpg, and then repeatedly press the Tab key to highlight the Dock icon of an open application. (Use Shift+command.jpg+Tab to move backwards) Release both keys when you reach the one you want to open.

    To leave without switching applications, press the Esc key.

  • Press F11 (use Exposé) to hide all open windows, double-click the hard disk icon, open the Applications folder, and then double-click an application icon.
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