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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Opening Applications and Files

As you open applications and files, their names are kept in the Recent Items submenu in the Apple menu for easy access the next time you want to open a specific application or file. The Mac OS has always allowed you to double-click a document icon to launch the application used to create it and the document itself. If the Mac OS doesn’t know what application created it (and gives you an error message), you can use drag and drop in the Dock to help you open the document. You can drag a document icon in the Dock on an application icon. If a document is stored in the Documents folder, you can click the Documents folder in the Dock and then click the document in the stack list to open it.

Open Recently Used Applications and Files

  • green1.jpg Click the Apple menu, and then point to Recent Items.
  • green2.jpg Click the recent application or file under the Applications or Documents listing.
  • green3.jpg To clear the recent list, click the Apple menu, point to Recent Items, and then click Clear Menu.

Open Applications and Files

  • Double-click the document icon.
  • Drag the document icon to the application icon in the Dock, either the one that created the document or one that will accept it. If the application can possibly open it, the application icon becomes highlighted. Release the icon to open the application and the document.
  • Click the Documents folder in the Dock, and then click a document in the stack list.
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