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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Installing Other Applications

Mac OS X comes with a set of applications automatically loaded during the installation of the operating system, and appear on the hard drive within the Applications folder. All other third-party applications need to be installed separately. You can install a third-party application by inserting the software installation CD or DVD and following the instructions, or by downloading the software from the Web to your hard disk, uncompressing the file if necessary, starting the installer (typically in a disk image file, .dmg, which mounts as a disk icon), and following the instructions. In some cases, an installer application is not used to perform an installation. In that case, all you need to do is simply drag the software files to your hard disk, typically in the Applications folder. To uninstall an application, simply drag the icon (or its folder) to the Trash.

Install Third-Party Applications Downloaded from the Internet

  • green1.jpg Download the software application from the Web.

    The file typically appears on your desktop. If you use Safari to download your application file, it automatically uncompressed it into a disk image file (.dmg), so you don’t have to.

    Compressed files use these file extensions: .sit (standard Mac), .zip (standard Windows), .tar (tape archive Unix), .gz (standard Unix), .tar.gz, or .tgz

  • green2.jpg If the file is compressed, use the StuffIt Expander application (available at www.download.com) to uncompress the file.
  • green3.jpg Double-click the disk image file (.dmg).

    A disk icon from the disk image mounts on your desktop.

  • green4.jpg Double-click the mounted disk icon to start the installer program, and then follow the instructions.
  • green5.jpg Drag the disk image file into the Trash to remove and eject it.
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