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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Web Clip Dashboard Widget

You can also create your own widgets by using Web Clips or Dashcode. A Web Clip widget is a container for a Web page you can add to the Dashboard. When you open the Web Clip widget in Dashboard, the Web page associated with it opens. If you’re a developer with a basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, you can create your own Dashboard widget using Dashcode. Dashcode is out of the scope of this book. For more information on Dashcode, go to the Apple Developer Connection Web site.

Create a Web Clip Dashboard Widget

  • green1.jpg Launch Safari, and then display the Web page you want to make into a Web Clip widget.
  • green2.jpg Click the File menu, and then click Open in Dashboard.
  • green3.jpg Move the page to highlight the area you want to use, and then click the mouse button.
  • green4.jpg To reposition the highlighted area, drag the area. To resize it, drag the circular handles on the edges of the box.
  • green5.jpg Click Add.
  • green6.jpg To customize the widget, point to it, click the small info (i) button, and then specify the options you want:
    • Edges. Displays thumbnails of different edge styles. Click the style you want.

    • Only Play Audio in Dashboard. Select or clear the check box to play or not play audio in Dashboard.

    • Edit. Click to select a different highlighted area.

  • green7.jpg When you’re finished, click Done.
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