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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard comes with a wide variety of widgets pre-installed with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Dashboard displays the Calculator, Weather, World Clock, and iCal widgets by default. However, you can add other pre-installed widgets to the Dashboard, which include Address Book, Business, Dictionary, ESPN, Flight Tracker, Google, iTunes, Movies, People, Ski Report, Stickies, Stocks, Tile Game, Translation, and Unit Converter. In fact, you can add more than one of the same widget, such as two World Clocks for two different times around the world. Some of the widgets are linked with applications and allow you to access information or functionality without opening the application. For example, the Weather widget displays Web-based content on the Dashboard without opening a Web browser.

Show or Hide Widgets on the Dashboard

  • green1.jpg Press F12 to open Dashboard.
  • green2.jpg Click the Open (+) button in the lower left corner to display the Widget bar.
  • green3.jpg To hide a widget from the Dashboard, click the Close (x) button in the upper-left corner of the widget.
  • green4.jpg To show a widget on the Dashboard, click the widget you want on the Widget bar.
  • green5.jpg To move a widget on the Dashboard, drag it to another location.
  • green6.jpg Click the Close (x) button in the Widget bar.

Use Pre-installed Widgets

  • Address Book. Type a name, or click the arrow buttons.

  • Business. Type a business name or category. Click the Info (i) button to change the local city.

  • Calculator. Use the numeric pad or click buttons to enter numbers.

  • Dictionary. Type a word to view a definition.

  • ESPN. Click the Info (i) button to select a sport. Click New or Scores to change the display.

  • Flight Tracker. Enter flight information, and then click Find Flights.

  • Google. Type a word or phrase, and then press Return to display the Google search.

  • iCal. Use the arrow buttons or arrow keys to move around the calendar. Click the today’s date pane to expand/collapse it.

  • iTunes. Use controls to use iTunes when it’s open.

  • Movies. Click the Info (i) button to enter your zip code to view theaters near you.

  • People. Type first name, last name, and a city and state or zip code, and then press Return.

  • Ski Report. Click the Info (i) button to type the name of a resort.

  • Stickies. Type notes. Click the Info (i) button to change color and font.

  • Stocks. Type a company. Click the Info (i) button to view a graph.

  • Tile Game. Click a tile that borders the empty space to move it.

  • Translation. Select a language, and then type the word or phrase.

  • Unit Converter. Select a Convert category, select the unit converted and the unit converted to.

  • Weather. Click the Info (i) button to check the weather forecast.

  • World Clock. Click the Info (i) button to change the city.

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