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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Managing and Sharing an Address Book

Any address book, even Snow Leopard’s, can quickly become a confusing mess of unorganized data. Unlike paper address books, Snow Leopard’s can create a very organized system... if you know what to do. For example, you could create logical groups, and then use obvious naming conventions for each contact. You can name your groups by family, school, work, community service, kids sports teams just to name a few. Address Book has many features that helps you manage your groups and the contacts you create, and then share them with others. You can even use the vCard format to exchange contact information between various programs or set up synchronization and sharing with MobileMe, Google Contacts, or Yahoo Address Book (New!).

Manage an Address Book

  • green1.jpg Click the Address Book menu, and then click Preferences.
  • green2.jpg Click General to organize the viewable screen.
  • green3.jpg Make any of the following changes: Display Order, Sort By, Address Format, and Font Size.
  • green4.jpg Click Accounts to synchronize and share your Address Book.
  • green5.jpg Click the Account information tab to set options to use MobileMe, Yahoo!, or Google (New!).
  • green6.jpg Click the check box for the account you want, click the MobileMe or Configure, and then follow the step by step instructions to use MobileMe, Yahoo!, or Google.
  • green7.jpg Click the Sharing tab to set option to share your address book.
  • green8.jpg Select the Share your Address Book check box.
  • green9.jpg Click the Add (+) button, select the contacts with MobileMe accounts you want to have access.
  • green10.jpg Click Send Invitation to inform the contacts they have access.
  • green11.jpg Click Template to organize the card data screen.
  • green12.jpg Make any of the following changes: Work and Mobile phone numbers, Email and Homepage information, Names, and Work address.
  • green13.jpg Click Phone to set the format for the phone number entry.
  • green14.jpg Click the Formats pop-up, and then select a phone number format.
  • green15.jpg Click vCard to set the preferences for vCards.
  • green16.jpg Make any of the following changes: vCard Format, vCard 2.1 Encoding, Enable Private ‘Me’ Card, Export Notes in vCards, and Export Photos in vCards.
  • green17.jpg Quit Address Book.
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