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Transferring Bookmarks

Fortunately, transferring your browser bookmarks is relatively simple. In Windows, you most likely used Internet Explorer for web browsing. On Mac, you'll be using Safari.

To get your bookmarks out of Internet Explorer, it depends on which version of Internet Explorer you are using. In IE7, you would select the Add Bookmark button near the top left of the window. It looks like a star with a plus sign next to it. One of the options is to Import and Export Bookmarks.

Follow the dialog to export all or some of your bookmarks to a file. Figure 8.4 shows just one step in the export wizard. You should end up with something like Bookmark.htm.

Then, after bringing the files over to your Mac via flash drive or some other method, you can import them with Safari's File, Import Bookmarks command.

Figure 8.4

Figure 8.4 Exporting your bookmarks from Internet Explorer is as easy as following a quick series of steps.

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