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Moving Your Music and Photos

To get your music, photos, and other media files from your Windows computer to your Mac, just follow the suggestion in the first section of this chapter and get those files from your Windows computer onto a flash drive.

Music files on the Mac are handled by iTunes and photos are handled by iPhoto. Both of these program support drag-and-drop import. This means you can simply drag a photo file from the Finder onto the iPhoto library and it will import into iPhoto. Same for music and iTunes.

Organizing Your Windows Photos

What you get when you drop photo files into iPhoto depends a lot on what data is stored in those files. For instance, if they are the original files from your camera, they may have date, time, and even location information. iPhoto will pick that up and use that information.

Separating them into events might be trickier. You may end up with a huge untitled event containing all of your Windows photos. You can leave them like that, or spend the time organizing using the tools in iPhoto.

Music Playback Issues

Music files also include lots of data. An MP3 file usually includes the artist, song name, album name, and other information. iTunes uses this to organize the imported music into artist and album.

However, you may be disappointed to find out that some or even all of your music doesn't play on your Mac. The reason for this is DRM: digital rights management.

If you imported music from CD to your Windows computer in MP3 format, those files will play fine on your Mac. But if you purchased music from an online music service, those files may be protected and can only be played on a computer you registered with that music service. In almost all cases, that will be Windows-specific copy protection. There is simply no way to play those files on a Mac because the program needed to grant you rights to listen to that music is built into Windows.

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