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Applying Color Labels

With color labels, you have the freedom to associate whatever interpretations you like to each color. For example, you may assign a red color label to mean “reject,” or a green label to mean “good to print.” These interpretations can be saved in a Color Label Set. Note that all applied color labels are specific to the color label set that is currently chosen. If you’re using Lightroom with Bridge, be sure to assign the same interpretations to the colors in both applications. Doing so ensures that there will be no color label metadata conflicts.

Separate images into groupings with color labels

  • dark-yellow-circle01.jpg Choose Color Label Set from the Metadata menu and select one of the three default sets: Bridge Default, Lightroom Default, or Review Status.
  • dark-yellow-circle02.jpg Select any image thumbnail (or multiple image thumbnails) from the Grid or Filmstrip.
  • dark-yellow-circle03.jpg To apply a color label to the selected photo(s), choose Photo > Set Color Label and then select a color from the flyout submenu. You can also right+click (Win) or Control+click (Mac) and select one from the contextual menu. If you’ve chosen to display them, you can also apply a color label to an image by clicking the color icons in the Toolbar.
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