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Opera Unite Without operaunite.com

You can run Opera Unite as a content server that does not ordinarily use operaunite.com as a proxy. Here is the default mode of access:


So to reach your server from your LAN:

  • Main page:
  • Mouse over the other services listed and make sure that the links are internal to the server rather than operaunite.com; otherwise, they won't work.
  • To access Opera Unite server content without using the proxy, access it from the same machine, http://localhost:8840. If you use a port other than 8840, substitute that port number for 8840 in the URL. Note that some password-protected services might work from other computers in the network and not on the workstation, so try the service from another computer before determining if there’s a problem.
  • From other computers on the LAN, use Substitute for the Net 192 address whatever the actual IP of the workstation is on your network. And to make this work, you’ll need to set your router and workstation network address so the workstation has a static IP address.
  • If you decide to make your services available from the Internet, substitute your static IP address or your subdomain name from DynDNS (for example, username.homeip.net) for the Net 192 address. If you don't have a static address or a DynDNS account, go to the DynDNS website, set up the account, and follow the instructions on router setup (if it supports DynDNS directly), or obtain and set up a software package to track and transmit your dynamic IP to DynDNS so your second-level domain URL will connect to your workstation. You can get that software from the DynDNS website when you set up the account. Set your router to port-forward 8840 (or the port you use for Opera Unite instead of 8840) to the workstation network static IP address.

To test this from another browser on your own computer, type localhost: 8840/path_to_app. I suggest bookmarking the addresses for whichever services you decide to use.

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