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Setting Up a Multilink Connection on Your Computer

When you decide that multilink is your best route to speed, follow this procedure to obtain and install multilink support. Remember, you need the following before you install multilink support:

  • Another analog modem installed and working in (or connected to) your system

  • A second telephone line to use with the additional modem

  • A multilink account with an ISP

  • The ISP telephone number for the second modem to dial

If your current ISP allows you to use multilink, you can modify your existing Dial-Up Networking connection properties to add support for multilink. If you need to change ISPs, you might use a proprietary dialing program, or you might also need to modify the standard connection properties. The following procedure assumes that you are modifying an existing Dial-Up Networking connection.

To install multilink support for an existing connection:

  1. Open the Dial-Up Networking folder.

  2. Right-click the icon for your Internet connection, and select Properties.

  3. Note the modem you are currently using; you will need to choose the other modem to set up Multilink (see Figure 3.8).

Figure 3.8 This computer has the updated Dial-Up Networking version installed; note the Multilink tab.

  1. Click the Multilink tab.

  2. Click Use Additional Devices, and then click Add.

  3. Click the pull-down menu and select your new modem from the list (see Figure 3.9).

Figure 3.9 Select the modem you just installed as your additional device. You can mix and match modems with different speeds and manufacturers or use identical modems, as seen here.

  1. The current dial-up number for your original modem is listed. If you need to use a different number for multilink, enter it in place of the current number.

  2. Click OK to finish.

The next time you connect, both modems will be used to make the connection, so you can download and upload faster.

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