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How Bonding Works

Modem bonding allows two or more modems to work as a single modem, providing a download speed that is the total of the download speeds of each modem. For example, if you bond two 56Kbps modems, you have a theoretical download speed of 112Kbps. Even with the 53Kbps limitation imposed by the FCC, your real maximum is still 106Kbps! Depending on the ISP, the use of two modems can be supported through MP+ (Multilink Protocol +) or Multilink PPP (MPPP). You can use any mixture of internal or external modems, and they don't even need to be the same brand, model, or speed!

Bonding can also be accomplished by purchasing a single internal card that contains two modem circuits, such as the S3/Diamond Multimedia SupraSonic II. The SupraSonic II enables you to use just one line for modem use while talking on the telephone, and then add the second line back into your modem operation when the phone call is over. Diamond calls this its Shotgun technology, and it also works when you combine one or more Diamond/Supra-brand modems with others.

Male...er, Modem Bonding

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