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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Saving a Search

If you frequently perform the same search, you can save your search results like any file and perform or modify the search again later. When you save a search, the search is saved by default with Window Search Explorer in the Searches folder in your personal folder and added to the Favorites folder in the Navigation pane. Like any link, you can move a saved search from the Searches folder to the Favorites category in the Navigation pane to make it more accessible. To run a saved search, display the saved search link, and then click it.

Save a Search

  • one.jpg Start the default search application using any of the following:
    • Open an Explorer window in the location where you want to search.
    • Press Windows logo+F.
  • two.jpg Click in the Search box, specify the criteria you want, and then perform the search.
  • three.jpg Click the Save search button on the toolbar.
  • four.jpg Type a name for the search.
  • five.jpg Click Save.
  • six.jpg To use a saved search, click the saved search link in Favorites in the Navigation pane or double-click the saved search in the Searches folder in the personal folder.
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