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Using the Windows 7 Desktop

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From using the new Taskbar to customizing Desktop Gadgets, Mark Edward Soper shows you how to get around in Windows 7.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Although the Windows 7 desktop still has a taskbar across the bottom of the screen, it represents a huge departure from previous Windows desktops. The new desktop makes it easier to manage programs, switch between program windows, and find the window you want to work with now.

Starting a Program From the Start Menu

You can start a program from a desktop shortcut, but you’re more likely to start a program from the Start menu.

  • circle-01.jpg Click the Start orb.
  • circle-02.jpg If the program is listed on the left pane, click it to start it.
  • circle-03.jpg If the program is not listed on the left pane, hover the mouse over All Programs.

  • circle-04.jpg Scroll to the program listing.
  • circle-05.jpg Click the program listing to start it.
end.jpg paint.jpg
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