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Time Will Tell

There are five domains you’ll be tested on for the PMI-SP examination:

  1. Schedule mission management. This ambiguous exam domain only accounts for 9 percent of the exam. All projects should support the mission, strategy, and tactics of the organization.
  2. Schedule creation. This domain accounts for 23 percent of the exam. You’ll need to be familiar with the work breakdown structure, activity list creation, project network diagrams, and using a project management information system to help with schedule creation.
  3. Schedule maintenance. This exam domain represents 23 percent of the exam. Changes, delays, risks, and other issues pop into the project, so the project manager needs to be able to react to these factors, adjust the schedule, and control the project execution.
  4. Schedule analysis. This exam domain accounts for 22 percent of the PMI-SP exam. You’ll need to be able to calculate float, find the critical path, and determine how changes, delays, and risks will affect the overall project schedule.
  5. Schedule communication and reporting. This exam domain represents 23 percent of the exam. A huge chunk of project management is communication, so it’s no real surprise that this knowledge area is represented on the exam. Stakeholders need to know what’s happening in the project schedule, and it’s up to project manager to provide status, variance analysis, and forecasting information.

Once you’re in the testing center, you’ll be provided with a couple of pencils, some scrap sheets of paper, and ear plugs. The testing center is actually pretty quiet, but they provide the ear plugs if you’d prefer complete silence. You won’t be able to take anything into the test center—no snacks, drinks, or bags allowed. They’ll provide you with a locker where you can store your belongings, but you can’t open the locker until the test is done.

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