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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

And Then There Are Page Controls

As good as the Omnibox is, there are still a few more controls that you might want to know how to access. These controls—the page controls—let you use the browser more efficiently. The Page menu on the right end of the Omnibox looks like a page with one corner turned down.

The Page menu is where you find most of the basic controls that you can use on a page, plus a couple of extras. You also find some keyboard shortcuts in this menu. Table 4.1 shows you all the commands available through this menu, what the command does, and what the keyboard shortcut is, if there is one.

Table 4.1. Chrome Page Controls



Keyboard Shortcut

Create Application Shortcuts

Opens a dialog box that allows you to create a shortcut to the current page from your desktop, Start menu, or Quick Start bar.



Cut (or copy) highlighted text.



Copies highlighted text.



Pastes copied (or cut) text into the spot where the cursor is located in a document.


Find in Page

Opens a search bar specific to the page that you’re on (shown in Figure 4.5).


Save Page As

Opens a dialog box to save the current web page to your hard drive.



Prints the current web page.



Zooms in to the text on a page.

Ctrl++ (Zoom in), Ctrl+- (Zoom out), Ctrl+0 (Return to Normal View)


Opens a list of available encoding types (shown in Figure 4.6).



Opens the Developer menu


Report Bug or Broken Web Site

Opens a dialog box (shown in Figure 4.7) that allows you to report a bug or broken web page. Fill in the requested information and click Send to report issues.


Figure 4.5

Figure 4.5 Chrome includes a search bar that’s specific to the web page you’re surfing.

Figure 4.6

Figure 4.6 If your page doesn’t render properly, you can select a different type of page encoding to see if that might improve the rendering.

Figure 4.7

Figure 4.7 Report broken web pages or functions on pages that don’t work properly so the team at Chrome can continually improve the browser.

Page controls are only one part of the controls available in Chrome. Another menu, discussed in the next section, gives you control over the behavior of the browser and access to additional tools that help you more easily navigate the Web.

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