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Printer Sharing In-Depth: Permissions and Internet Sharing

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You may have overlooked some advanced printer-sharing features. Windows lets you set printer permissions to control access. Plus you can share printers over the Internet for remote printing. Eric Geier, author of 100 Things You Need to Know about Microsoft Windows Vista, discusses setting up and using both of these features.
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Windows offers a few features beyond basic printer sharing. You can control exactly who uses the printer and if they can manage the print jobs of other users.

Plus, with the right Windows version, you can share a printer over the Internet, so you and others can print on the go. We'll discuss both of these features in this tutorial.

Now let's get started.

Enabling the Sharing of a Printer

As you may have done already, the first step in printer sharing is to enable sharing of the printer from the computer it's attached to.

Through the Control Panel, bring up the Printer (or Printer and Faxes) window. Then right-click the desired printer icon and click the Share option.

On the dialog box that opens (see Figure 1), select the Share this printer option, enter a share name, and click OK.

That's about it; the printer should be available on the network using the default security settings.

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