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Case Study: Getting on the Same Page

You've been employed by the executive committee of HiTech, Inc., a global provider of technologies and services, to introduce SAP NetWeaver and SAP ERP into the firm's North American operations. The CEO was most impressed with your perspective that SAP requires attention to business, technology, and fundamental project management discipline. Unlike much of his team, he noted that you are focused not just on the technology aspects of deploying SAP but also on how SAP will help HiTech innovate from a business and technology-enablement perspective. To help ground the executive committee, the CEO has requested that you answer several of the committee's basic questions surrounding SAP.


  1. What's the difference between best practices and common practices?

  2. The committee understands that SAP is all about introducing change through business innovation. However, what can HiTech do through the implementation itself to introduce SAP in such a way that its very deployment makes a difference to the firm's IT cost model?

  3. HiTech tends to look at things from a technology perspective, a by-product of its rich heritage in information and communication technologies. To help HiTech refocus and prioritize, what are the three or four most important things to consider when adopting SAP?

  4. Why aren't we using mySAP.com or deploying WebAS, as we did at my last company?

  5. The term "SAP" seems to be tossed around pretty carelessly. Is there a good rule of thumb on how to use the term relative to SAP's products and naming conventions?

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