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A Simple EJB3 Example

In this article, I'll build on the EJB3 code introduced in my article "What's Wrong with Modern Software Development?" This code consists of a simple EJB3 application that models a greeting card shop and a card sent to us by our old friend Terry Dactyl! If time allows, review the earlier article (there's a good bit of coverage on environment setup), but this article can also be read in isolation. The application code in the source.zip for this article demonstrates the following important EJB3 elements:

  • Database entity modeling
  • Data access object (DAO) pattern use
  • Use of JNDI contexts
  • Persistence units
  • Bean definition
  • Interceptor code
  • Client code

I always find that a complete working example is the best way to learn a new technology, so the example is a relatively small piece of code, but it's extensible if required. To execute the code, we first need to install and run JBoss.

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